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Warner Bros. Batman Dog Collar

Warner Bros. Batman Dog Collar

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The Warner Bros. Batman Dog Collar is a stylish and functional accessory designed to equip your furry friend like a true superhero! Crafted from a durable blend of nylon, polyester, and denim fabric, this collar is built to withstand daily wear and tear while ensuring your dog's comfort.

Personalized with a captivating Batman design, this collar adds an element of excitement to your dog's look, turning them into a standout superhero wherever they go. But beyond its aesthetic appeal, this collar also serves a practical purpose.

The Warner Bros. Batman Dog Collar doubles as a training collar, making it perfect for teaching your pet to use collars effectively. Whether you're reinforcing good behavior during walks or practicing leash training, this collar provides the support and security your dog needs to succeed.

Upgrade your dog's style and training regimen with the Warner Bros. Batman Dog Collar – because every dog deserves to feel like a superhero!


XXS-XS: Width 1.5cm, Neck Length 18 - 30 cm
XS-S: Width 1.5cm, Neck Length 22 - 35 cm
S-M: Width 2cm, Neck Length 30 - 45 cm

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