Affiliate Program

How it works

You are thinking about becoming an affiliate to support us and to earn money? Read our Steps below on how it works.

Step 1

Fill out our contact form below with your Full Name, your e-mail address and your contact number.

In the message field, please write your:

Bank Account Holder Name


Bank Branch / Address

(We only transfer to banks in the UAE)

Step 2

Receive your Affiliate Code from us via email. It will be your first name plus a number. (i.e. Mohammed 01)

Share this code with your friends to use it whenever they order.

Step 3

When your friends order any products from our store, they can enter your affiliate code in the discount code box during check out to receive 10% off their total order value. (Can't be combined with already discounted items)

We will then see that this order was a referral from your side and we will transfer your 5% of the total order value to the bank account you have provided to us.


Your friend purchases products worth 1000 AED on our website and shares your affiliate code with us. We will transfer you 50 AED (5% of 1000 AED) to your bank account within a few days.

Terms & Conditions

- It is not permitted to use your affiliate code on your own orders to get a 5% discount. Our employees will check every order and can see if you would try to use your own affiliate code on your order. No money would be transferred in that case.

- You can share your affiliate code with as many friends, family members or colleagues as you want. You will be able to earn 5% on every order which is made with your referral. This is not limited to a single transaction, so feel free to share your code and to refer our shop to everyone you know who is interested to purchase from us.

- It is possible to exchange affiliate codes between you and your friend. For example, your friend can use your code, and you can use his or her code to get 5% cash back on each others orders on every order you make.

- If you made an order and you or your friend forgot to enter the affiliate code, please contact us on Whatsapp, E-mail or through our contact form with your order number and your affiliate code. We will then transfer you the 5% of the total order value of that order. Please note that this can only be done to a maximum of 14 days after the order was made.

- The 10% discount that your friends will receive through your referral code can't be used on already discounted items.

Thank you for your Support!

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