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We launched our Online Pet Shop, 'Purrfect', out of our deep love for animals and our dedication to promoting healthy pet nutrition. As proud pet parents to Odin and Loki, we understand the challenge of navigating the vast array of pet food options available in the UAE. What food shall you choose from all the brands that you can find in the shelves of supermarkets and pet stores? Which food is healthy for your pets? Which food has high quality ingredients and which don't meet these requirements?

Upon closer inspection of ingredient lists and nutritional values, we were dismayed to find that many products contained low-quality ingredients and cheap fillers like meat derivatives, unknown by-products, wheat, corn, and sugar.

After witnessing the positive impact of transitioning our own cats to a healthier diet, we were inspired to extend our help to other pet parents in the UAE. Thus, the concept of our healthy-only pet shop was born. At Purrfect, we're committed to offering products that meet strict quality standards, free from grains, unknown by-products, corn, sugar, and other undesirable ingredients. Our selection is carefully curated to ensure high-quality ingredients and optimal nutrition for your pets.

We understand the time-consuming nature of researching pet nutrition, which is why we've taken on the task for you. You can trust that every product available in our shop adheres to our rigorous guidelines. For example, all cat food contains less than 20% carbohydrates and a minimum of 70% meat content, while dog foods boast less than 30% carbohydrates and a minimum of 60% meat content. Any products that fail to meet these standards simply won't make it onto our shelves.

Our Mission

Our mission at Purrfect Pet Supplies in the UAE is to simplify the customer experience and alleviate the burden on pet parents by offering comprehensive guidance on pet nutrition. We prioritize education as a crucial component in enhancing the lives of pets and animals throughout the UAE. That's why we provide an informative blog on our website for those eager to expand their knowledge. Additionally, we advocate for the well-being of community cats, believing they deserve access to nutritious food. Despite admirable efforts to aid community cats, many are still fed human food or low-quality dry food due to financial constraints and lack of awareness. We're dedicated to driving change by offering discounts on our premium food products to support animal rescuers and those caring for community cats and dogs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to drive meaningful transformation in the UAE market. Through enhanced education and awareness, we aim to challenge the status quo in the pet food industry. We reject pet shops that prioritize profit over food quality and manufacturers that compromise on ingredients for higher margins. Our focus extends beyond nutrition to encompass overall animal health. In the future, we aspire to expand our offerings to include high-quality, affordable animal healthcare and premium and ecologically friendly pet food options.

To support our mission and vision, kindly consider ordering exclusively from our pet shop. If there's a product you're seeking that we don't currently carry, please inform us, and we'll do our utmost to accommodate your request.

Products that we don't offer

Our utmost priority in our business is our deep love and respect for animals. You might have noticed that certain products are not available from our Online Pet Shop, such as cages for birds and small animals, as well as aquariums and terrariums. This deliberate choice reflects our belief that birds, small animals, fish, and reptiles are best suited to their natural habitats and not as domestic pets. By refraining from offering these products, we aim to discourage the acquisition of these animals as pets.

However, we do provide a limited selection of products, primarily food, for birds, small animals, and fish. We recognize that pets already in households deserve the best care possible, understanding that responsibly releasing them into the wild is not feasible.

Odin's Story

Odin, or affectionately known as "Sir Odin," holds a special place as our first furry family member. We welcomed him into our home in 2020 after adopting him from a family in Ajman who had to relocate. Upon his arrival, Odin faced various health challenges – from rotting teeth and ear mites to poorly done grooming and a diagnosis of Feline Leukemia Virus. However, with love and proper care, Odin's condition has vastly improved. Today, he thrives, with his FELV managed, enjoying his meals, playtime, and mischief-making with his little brother, Loki. For more on Odin's journey, visit our Instagram Page below.

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Loki's Story

Loki, a community cat from Abu Dhabi, was rescued as a 5-week-old kitten from a storm drainage. After coordinating with local authorities to safely free him, we immediately welcomed him into our home. Despite a bacterial infection that required antibiotics, Loki was otherwise in good health. Following a two-month separation from Odin due to Odin's FELV status and necessary vaccinations, they were successfully introduced and have been getting along well. Today, Loki thrives as a robust adult, always ready for mischief and playful antics with his brother, Odin.

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Thor's Story

We found Thor on the streets of Khalifa City in December 2022. He looked rough, so we weren't able to pass by and let him be. We took him to the vet. Initially we planned to treat and return him to his place, but after the diagnosis of Herpes and FIV, we knew he wouldn't stand a chance. We adopted him and found out that additionally to Herpes and FIV, he had chronic kidney disease and developed skin cancer. After a long year of love, vet visits, surgeries and suffering, our boy lost his fight to his chronic kidney disease and we had to say goodbye to him in January 2024. He was the sweetest and most grateful cat we have ever met and he will be forever in our hearts.

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