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Savic Comfort Nappy Disposable Diaper

Savic Comfort Nappy Disposable Diaper

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The Savic Comfort Nappy is a highly absorbent disposable diaper suitable for various situations such as untrained puppies, bitches in heat, nervous, and incontinent dogs. Designed to prevent soiling of carpets, floors, or furniture, this diaper offers optimal protection with its super-absorbent gel that quickly captures blood or urine, keeping the diaper dry within seconds. This ensures that your dog remains dry, comfortable, and free from irritation or infections. The diapers feature a black outer color to prevent any visible staining. When soiled, simply change the diaper and dispose of it with household waste.

It's important to measure your dog's belly circumference to select the appropriate size for the best fit and effectiveness.


Measure the circumference of your dog's waist
Size 2: 34 cm - 44 cm
Size 3: 34 cm - 48 cm
Size 4: 40 cm - 48 cm
Size 5: 40 cm - 52 cm

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