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Ruffwear Huckama Rubber Throw Dog Toy

Ruffwear Huckama Rubber Throw Dog Toy

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The Ruffwear Huckama Rubber Throw Dog Toy is an interactive and durable toy designed to provide engaging playtime for your dog. Here are its key features:

- **Erratic Bounce and Roll**: The Huckama is designed to move erratically, mimicking the movement of a critter, which makes it fun for your dog to chase. This feature keeps your dog engaged and entertained during playtime.

- **Treat Reward Capability**: The toy features a hollow design that allows you to insert treats, providing your dog with a rewarding experience as they play. This encourages your dog to interact with the toy and helps keep them mentally stimulated.

- **Audible Whistle**: When hurled through the air, the Huckama emits a whistling sound, adding an extra element of excitement to playtime and making it easier for your dog to track and retrieve the toy.

- **Durable Construction**: Made from natural latex rubber, the Huckama is built to withstand rough play and is durable enough to handle your dog's chewing and biting.

Overall, the Ruffwear Huckama Rubber Throw Dog Toy offers a combination of interactive features, durability, and fun, making it a great choice for playtime with your furry friend.


Diameter: 3 in (8 cm)

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