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Rogz Neocat Collar Candystrips

Rogz Neocat Collar Candystrips

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The Rogz Neocat Collar Candystrips is equipped with the following safety features:

1. **Break-Away Safety Buckle**: This type of buckle is designed to release under pressure, allowing your cat to free itself if the collar gets caught on an object. The break-away safety buckle helps prevent accidents or injuries by ensuring that your cat can escape from potentially dangerous situations.

2. **Variable Load Safeloc Buckle**: The variable load Safeloc buckle is another safety feature that adds an extra layer of protection. It allows you to adjust the buckle's release load settings according to your cat's size and strength. This customization ensures that the collar will release safely under the appropriate amount of pressure, minimizing the risk of injury to your cat.

These safety features make the Rogz Neocat Collar Candystrips an excellent choice for cat owners who prioritize their pet's safety during outdoor adventures or everyday wear.


Neck Size: 200-310mm | 8-12″
Width: 11mm | 3/8″

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