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Prevue Catville Tower - Gray Print

Prevue Catville Tower - Gray Print

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Introducing the Prevue Catville Tower in Gray Print, a paradise for your feline friend to explore and play. Here's what makes it exceptional:

- **Interactive Play**: Cats will delight in the playful features of this tower, including dangling toys, scratching posts, and ample climbing opportunities.

- **Multiple Hideaways**: With four hideaways spread across three levels, including a penthouse nook and three dens, your cat will have cozy retreats to relax and nap in. Each hideaway comes with super-soft plush mats for maximum comfort.

- **Plush Hammock**: The tower also includes a plush hammock, perfect for lounging and enjoying a peaceful nap.

- **Behavioral Stimulation**: Designed to satisfy your cat's natural instincts, this tower encourages healthy behavior and discourages destructive habits, providing entertainment and alleviating boredom for cats of all ages.

- **Sturdy Construction**: Despite its impressive size, the tower is sturdy yet lightweight, ensuring stability without sacrificing portability. Assembly is straightforward with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions included.

With dimensions of 64" long, 46" wide, and 56" high, the Prevue Catville Tower offers your cat a spacious and engaging environment to thrive in.


64 in Long, 46 in Wide, 56 in High

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