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Pioneer Pet Plastic Fountain - Serenity Fountain 60oz (1.8L)

Pioneer Pet Plastic Fountain - Serenity Fountain 60oz (1.8L)

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Presenting the Pioneer Pet Plastic Fountain - Serenity Fountain, a perfect blend of tranquility and functionality to keep your beloved pets hydrated and happy.

The Serenity Fountain features an ultra-quiet pump that circulates and oxygenates the water, providing a serene drinking experience for your pets. Additionally, it comes with an extra spout, offering two different water flows to cater to your pet's preferences.

Key features and benefits include:

- **Circulating drinking water**: Naturally appeals to your pet's instinctual attraction to movement, encouraging them to drink more and stay hydrated.
- **Replaceable charcoal filter**: Ensures clean and pure water for your pets, promoting their health and well-being.
- **Easy cleaning, dishwasher safe**: Simplifies maintenance with dishwasher-safe components, allowing for effortless cleanup.
- **Continuously filters water**: Keeps the water fresh and free from impurities, ensuring optimal hydration for your pets.
- **60 oz. capacity**: Reduces the frequency of refills, providing a convenient solution for busy pet owners.

With the Pioneer Pet Plastic Fountain - Serenity Fountain, you can provide your pets with a peaceful and hygienic drinking experience while enjoying the convenience of easy maintenance. Say goodbye to traditional water bowls and hello to a serene and functional addition to your home.


Dimensions: 10.5 x 8.5 in
60oz (1.8L)

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