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Pioneer Pet Plastic Fountain - Raindrop Style 60oz (1.8 L)

Pioneer Pet Plastic Fountain - Raindrop Style 60oz (1.8 L)

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The Pioneer Pet Plastic Fountain - Raindrop Style 60oz (1.8 L) offers a stylish and functional solution to keep your pets hydrated and happy.

Pet fountains are known to encourage animals to drink more water due to their attraction to moving water. This Raindrop Style fountain not only provides a continuous flow of water but also adds a modern touch to any room's decor.

Key features and benefits include:

- **Modern raindrop shape**: Complements the decor of any room, adding a sleek and contemporary aesthetic.
- **Circulating drinking water**: Mimics the flow of a natural stream, naturally enticing your pet to drink more.
- **Easy cleaning, dishwasher safe**: Simplifies maintenance with dishwasher-safe components, ensuring effortless cleanup.
- **Replaceable charcoal filter**: Ensures clean and pure water for your pets, promoting their health and well-being.
- **BPA Free**: Guarantees the safety of your pets by eliminating harmful chemicals from their drinking water.
- **60 oz. capacity**: Reduces the frequency of refills, providing a convenient solution for busy pet owners.

With the Pioneer Pet Plastic Fountain - Raindrop Style, you can provide your pets with a refreshing and stylish drinking experience while enjoying the convenience of easy maintenance. Say goodbye to traditional water bowls and hello to a modern and functional addition to your home.


Dimensions: 11.25 × 9.25 × 4.25 in
60oz (1.8 L)

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