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Petrebels Austin 85 Cat Tree Cream

Petrebels Austin 85 Cat Tree Cream

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Presenting the Petrebels Austin 85 Cat Tree in Cream—a luxurious and multi-functional scratching post designed for kittens and small cats.

Color: Cream
Dimensions: 45L x 35W x 85H cm

The Austin 85 scratching post offers everything your little Rebel needs for play, rest, and relaxation. With a scratching board and three scratching logs, your cat can indulge their natural scratching instincts while keeping their claws sharp and healthy.

Additionally, the scratching post features two cozy spots to lie down and a small hollow where your cat can hide or sleep, providing them with a sense of security and comfort.

With its light and neutral colors, the Austin 85 seamlessly blends into any interior decor, ensuring that both you and your feline friend will love its stylish design. Treat your little tiger to the ultimate luxury with the Petrebels Austin 85 Cat Tree in Cream.


45cm L x 35cm W x 85cm H

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