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Petmate Sky Dog Kennel Vault Door - Gray

Petmate Sky Dog Kennel Vault Door - Gray

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The Petmate Sky Dog Kennel Vault Door in Gray offers enhanced security and durability, ensuring your pet's safety and comfort during travel. Here's why it's an ideal choice for pet owners:

- **Extra Security**: Featuring a 4-way vault door, this kennel provides additional security by preventing sliding and shifting, ensuring your pet stays secure and stable during transport. (Available on sizes 36 inches and up)

- **Durable Construction**: Constructed with a durable plastic shell, non-corrodible wing nuts, and extra-strong steel wire, this kennel is built to withstand the rigors of travel, providing heavy-duty protection for your pet.

- **360-Degree Ventilation**: Designed with ventilation openings all around, the kennel ensures ample airflow for your pet, offering fresh air and visibility from every angle, keeping your pet comfortable throughout the journey.

- **Travel Necessities Included**: This portable dog kennel comes with essential travel accessories, including 2 Live Animal stickers, clip-on bowls, and ID stickers, allowing for easy modification and identification during travel.

- **Airline Adaptable**: Meets most airline cargo specifications, making it suitable for airline travel. However, it's advisable for pet owners to check with individual airlines for specific travel requirements.

- **Top Handle**: Available on sizes 21 inches and 28 inches, the top handle provides convenient carrying options for easy transport.

The Petmate Sky Dog Kennel Vault Door offers peace of mind for pet owners, ensuring safe and hassle-free travel experiences for your furry companions.


36" X 25" X 27" (91.4 X 63.5 X 68.5 Cm)

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