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Petmate Scoop 'N' Hide Litter Scoop

Petmate Scoop 'N' Hide Litter Scoop

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Say goodbye to litter scoop clutter with the Petmate Scoop 'N' Hide Litter Scoop. This innovative solution keeps your litter scoop both accessible and out of sight until you need it. Here's why it's the perfect addition to your cat's litter box:

- **Convenient Storage**: The Scoop 'N' Hide comes with a custom-designed storage unit that neatly conceals the scoop when not in use. No more searching for where to keep your scoop between cleanings.

- **Discreet Design**: Featuring a hinged stand, the Scoop 'N' Hide discreetly hides the scoop, maintaining a clean and tidy appearance in your home. It's a sleek solution to litter scoop storage.

- **Efficient Cleaning**: The scoop itself is designed for efficient cleaning. Its deep bucket scoop and built-in rake make it easy to sift through all types of litter, ensuring quick and thorough waste removal.

- **Easy to Clean**: Keeping the scoop clean is a breeze. Simply rinse it off after use for hassle-free maintenance.

The Petmate Scoop 'N' Hide Litter Scoop offers a practical and elegant solution to litter scoop storage, keeping your home clean and organized while providing efficient waste removal for your cat's litter box.


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Size: 6.5 x 6 x 12.5 inches

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