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Midwest Cat Furniture Escapade

Midwest Cat Furniture Escapade

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The Midwest Cat Furniture Escapade offers a luxurious and multi-functional retreat for your feline companion. Here are the key features:

1. **Variety of Play and Lounging Options:**
- Includes a bolstered lounging perch, resting bench, lounging lookout, and low bolstered bed with sisal-wrapped supports, providing multiple areas for your cat to relax, play, and nap.

2. **Six Sizes for Varied Heights and Entertainment:**
- Available in six sizes, each offering different heights and entertainment options to cater to your cat's preferences and activity level.

3. **Ultra-Soft Faux Fur with Designer Print Fabric:**
- Crafted from ultra-soft faux fur with designer print fabric, ensuring a comfortable and stylish lounging experience for your cat.

4. **Sturdy, Multi-Tier Design:**
- The multi-tier design offers a sturdy and stable structure, providing the perfect retreat for lounging, climbing, and play.

5. **Sisal-Wrapped Supports for Scratching Needs:**
- Features sisal-wrapped supports that serve as resilient scratching posts, satisfying your cat's natural scratching instincts while promoting healthy nail maintenance.

Overall, the Midwest Cat Furniture Escapade combines comfort, functionality, and entertainment, making it an ideal addition to any home for cats of all ages and sizes.


31.5 in L x 17.5 in W x 40.25 in H

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