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Kong Puppy Dog Toy

Kong Puppy Dog Toy

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The Puppy KONG dog toy is the perfect companion for your growing puppy's developmental stages. Here's what makes it so special:

- Customized for puppies: The Puppy KONG is specially designed to cater to the needs of growing puppies with baby teeth. Its unique natural rubber formula is gentle on puppy gums and teeth, making it the most suitable option within the KONG rubber toy line. Whether your puppy is teething or just exploring their environment, the Puppy KONG provides a safe and satisfying chewing experience.

- Promotes appropriate chewing behavior: As puppies go through the teething process, they have a natural instinct to chew to soothe their gums and explore their surroundings. The Puppy KONG helps channel this chewing behavior in a positive direction by teaching puppies what items are appropriate to chew on. By providing a designated chew toy, you can help prevent destructive chewing behaviors in the future.

- Mental enrichment: Beyond just chewing, the Puppy KONG offers mental enrichment for your furry friend. Its unpredictable bounce keeps puppies engaged and entertained during playtime, stimulating their cognitive abilities and keeping boredom at bay. Whether playing fetch or enjoying solo play, the Puppy KONG provides hours of mental stimulation for curious puppies.

- Versatile stuffing options: The hollow center of the Puppy KONG allows you to stuff it with a variety of treats to enhance your puppy's play experience. From puppy kibble to peanut butter or KONG Puppy Snacks, you can customize the toy to cater to your puppy's preferences and dietary needs. This adds an extra layer of excitement and motivation for your puppy to engage with the toy.

- Veterinarian and trainer recommended: Trusted by veterinarians and trainers worldwide, the Puppy KONG is a highly recommended toy for puppies of all breeds and sizes. Its durable construction, gentle rubber formula, and ability to promote appropriate chewing behavior make it a top choice for puppy owners looking to provide their furry companions with safe and enriching play experiences.

Give your puppy the gift of playtime and enrichment with the Puppy KONG dog toy. Whether they're teething, learning, or simply having fun, this versatile toy is sure to become a favorite in your puppy's toy collection!


M - 7- 16 kg

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