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Kong Play Spaces Camper Cat Toy

Kong Play Spaces Camper Cat Toy

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The KONG Play Spaces Camper Cat Toy is the ultimate camping adventure for your feline friend! Here's why cats and their owners love it:

- Cat camping playground: The KONG PlaySpaces Camper features a clever camping enclosure that provides your cat with the perfect hideaway to satisfy their natural instincts. With peek-a-boo openings for hide-and-seek fun, your cat will love exploring this cozy camper and feeling safe and secure in their own little retreat.

- Interactive play: The camper's window, door, and sunroof encourage interactive play, allowing your cat to engage in stimulating activities like peeking out from the windows or darting in and out of the door. These features provide an instinctual outlet for your cat's natural behaviors, keeping them entertained and engaged for hours on end.

- Dangling toy attachment: The camper comes equipped with an attached dangle toy that entices your cat to bat, swat, and pounce. Whether they're chasing after the dangling toy or batting it around inside the camper, your cat will love the interactive play opportunities provided by this exciting accessory.

- Premium catnip included: To further enhance the fun, the dangling toy is stuffed with KONG North American Premium Catnip, a natural herb that stimulates cats' senses and encourages active play. This irresistible scent will keep your cat coming back for more, ensuring long-lasting engagement and excitement.

- Easy assembly and storage: The KONG PlaySpaces Camper features a one-piece, flexible design that allows for easy assembly and storage. When playtime is over, simply fold up the camper for convenient storage until the next adventure.

Treat your cat to the ultimate camping experience with the KONG Play Spaces Camper Cat Toy. With its clever design, interactive features, and premium catnip, it's sure to be a hit with cats of all ages.


39cm x 39cm x 51.4cm

15.5in x 15.5in x 20.25in

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