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Kong Occasions Birthday Balloon Dog Toy

Kong Occasions Birthday Balloon Dog Toy

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The Kong Occasions Birthday Balloon Dog Toy is the perfect addition to your furry friend's special day celebration. Designed for festive fetch games and active play, this toy brings an extra element of fun to your pet's birthday festivities.

Featuring a colorful balloon design, this toy is sure to catch your dog's attention and ignite their playful spirit. The floppy rope attached to the balloon sparks your dog's natural shaking instincts, making it a dynamic and engaging toy for interactive play sessions.

To add to the excitement, the Kong Birthday Balloon Dog Toy is equipped with crinkle materials and an enticing squeaker, encouraging your dog to chase, pounce, and shake the toy with delight. These stimulating features help keep your pet entertained and mentally engaged during playtime.

Whether you're celebrating your dog's birthday or simply want to treat them to a special surprise, the Kong Occasions Birthday Balloon Dog Toy is sure to be a hit. Join in the fun and create memorable moments with your beloved pet as they enjoy hours of active play with this festive and entertaining toy.


Medium: 15.24 x 8.89 x 8.89 cm

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