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Kong Kitten Toy Mouse 2 Pack

Kong Kitten Toy Mouse 2 Pack

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The Kong Kitten Toy Mouse 2 Pack is specifically crafted to cater to the playful nature of young cats and kittens, providing them with endless entertainment and stimulation.

These kitten mice are ultra-soft, ensuring a gentle play experience that is suitable for delicate kitten paws and teeth. Additionally, they feature a curious crinkle sound that piques your kitten's interest and encourages interactive play.

To enhance the play experience, each mouse is infused with KONG Catnip, a natural herb that cats find irresistibly appealing. The presence of catnip adds an extra element of excitement and energy to playtime, keeping your kitten engaged and entertained for longer periods.

With this convenient 2-pack, you'll have plenty of toy mice on hand to keep your kitten active and engaged throughout the day. Whether they're pouncing, chasing, or batting at these adorable mice, your kitten will be experiencing the joy of playtime while honing their natural hunting instincts.

Treat your furry friend to the Kong Kitten Toy Mouse 2 Pack and watch as they indulge in hours of playful fun, staying happy, healthy, and mentally stimulated as they grow and develop into curious and active adult cats.
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