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Kong Connects Curlz Cat Toy

Kong Connects Curlz Cat Toy

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The Kong Connects Curlz Cat Toy is designed to provide endless entertainment for your feline friend with its dynamic features and versatile design.

Featuring a spring-loaded, bobbing action, this toy ignites your cat's hunting instincts and encourages active play. The unpredictable movement of the toy mimics the behavior of prey, captivating your cat's attention and prompting them to engage in playful behavior.

The Connects Curlz Cat Toy is equipped with a suction cup that allows you to attach it to most clean, smooth surfaces, offering a variety of play options. You can affix it upright on the floor for your cat to bat and chase, or attach it to a window for a different perspective and added excitement.

With its dynamic ribbon curls, feathers, and bells, this toy provides multiple sensory stimuli to keep your cat engaged and entertained. The combination of textures and sounds appeals to your cat's senses, encouraging exploration, play, and physical activity.

Whether your cat prefers to play on the floor or near a window, the Kong Connects Curlz Cat Toy offers versatile entertainment that adapts to your cat's preferences and surroundings. It's a moveable feast of feline fun that will keep your cat entertained for hours on end.


9 in x 9.75 in

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