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Green Giant Frozen Mixed Berries 400g

Green Giant Frozen Mixed Berries 400g

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Green Giant Frozen Mixed Berries, are a delightful treat perfect for your beloved pet birds and small animals. Packed with a vibrant assortment of frozen berries, this 400g package offers a convenient and nutritious option to supplement your pet's diet.

Crafted with care, these mixed berries provide a variety of flavors and textures that your pets are sure to love. From juicy strawberries to plump blueberries and tart raspberries, each berry offers a burst of natural sweetness and essential nutrients.

Feeding your pet birds a diverse diet is essential for their health and well-being, and these frozen mixed berries offer a fantastic source of vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. Whether you have a parrot, finch, canary, or other bird species, these berries can be a delightful addition to their daily meals or a special treat during training sessions.

For small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters, these frozen mixed berries can also provide a tasty and nutritious snack. While moderation is key due to the natural sugar content in berries, offering them as an occasional treat can add variety to their diet and contribute to their overall happiness.

With Green Giant Frozen Mixed Berries, you can rest assured knowing that your pet birds and small animals are enjoying high-quality, carefully selected fruits that are free from additives or preservatives. Plus, the convenient frozen format means you can easily portion out just the right amount for each feeding, ensuring freshness and convenience every time.

Treat your feathered and furry friends to the goodness of Green Giant Frozen Mixed Berries and watch as they eagerly nibble and peck away at these delicious, wholesome treats.


Wild Blueberries

Nutritional Info

Average Nutritional Value Per 100g

Energyinkcal: 41kcal

EnergyinkJ: 171.38kJ

Carbohydrates: 6.2g

Sugar: 0.9g

Protein: 6.2g

Fat: 0.4g

Fibre: 4.4g

Sodium: 4mg

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