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GoDog Dinos Frills With Chew Guard Technology Durable Plush Squeaker Dog Toy, Teal

GoDog Dinos Frills With Chew Guard Technology Durable Plush Squeaker Dog Toy, Teal

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The GoDog Dinos Frills are not just any ordinary dog toys – they're the epitome of durability and excitement for your furry friend! Engineered with innovative Chew Guard Technology, these plush squeaker dog toys are designed to withstand even the most enthusiastic chewers, ensuring long-lasting fun and entertainment.

Crafted with top-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, the GoDog Dinos Frills feature a captivating design inspired by prehistoric creatures, guaranteed to capture your dog's imagination and keep them engaged for hours on end. Whether it's a lively game of fetch or a solo play session, these toys are up to the challenge, providing endless opportunities for active fun and bonding with your beloved pup.

But what truly sets the GoDog Dinos Frills apart is their built-in squeaker, which adds an extra layer of excitement to playtime. With each playful squeak, your dog will be motivated to chase, pounce, and interact with their new favorite toy, promoting physical activity and mental stimulation.

Say goodbye to flimsy plush toys that don't last – the GoDog Dinos Frills are here to save the day! With their durable construction, captivating design, and irresistible squeaker, they're the perfect companions for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Treat your pup to the ultimate playtime experience with the GoDog Dinos Frills and watch as they embark on a Jurassic adventure right in your living room!


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Small: 9.5 x 4 x 5 inches
Large: 16 x 7 x 8 inches

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