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Four Paws Smart Hands-Free Metal Gate for Dogs

Four Paws Smart Hands-Free Metal Gate for Dogs

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Experience convenience and peace of mind with the Four Paws Smart Hands-Free Metal Gate for Dogs. Engineered with innovative hands-free technology, this gate provides a hassle-free solution to contain your pet in a designated area of your home.

Crafted with pets and pet owners in mind, this gate features a unique lever that can be effortlessly opened with the push of your elbow, allowing you to pass through without the need to use your hands. Its sturdy all-metal construction ensures durability, while the auto-close technology ensures the gate closes securely behind you.

Installation is quick and easy, thanks to the pressure mounts that require no hardware and won't damage door frames. Whether you need to confine your pet to a specific area or create a barrier between rooms, this hands-free gate offers the flexibility and convenience you need.

With the Four Paws Smart Hands-Free Metal Gate, you can confidently contain your pet while enjoying hands-free movement throughout your home.


Item Dimension
Width 30-34 inches
Height 32 inches

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