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Flamingo Dog Slicker Brush Easy Clean

Flamingo Dog Slicker Brush Easy Clean

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Introducing the Flamingo Dog Slicker Brush Easy Clean – the ultimate grooming tool to keep your furry friend's coat looking its best. Designed with convenience and efficiency in mind, this brush effortlessly removes loose hair, dirt, and even tough tangles for a radiant and healthy coat. Here's what makes it special:

- **Efficient Grooming:** The finely-curved, flexible pins are adept at untangling knots and removing loose hair from your dog's coat, leaving it smooth and shiny.

- **Versatile Use:** Suitable for dogs with both short and long coats, this slicker brush is versatile and effective for various grooming needs.

- **Easy to Clean:** Say goodbye to tedious cleaning routines. This brush features a pressure system that makes it incredibly easy to remove trapped hair and debris, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.

- **Comfortable Handling:** The brush is designed with a rubber handle that provides a comfortable and secure grip, allowing you to groom your dog with ease and precision.

Keep your canine companion looking and feeling their best with the Flamingo Dog Slicker Brush Easy Clean. With its efficient grooming capabilities and easy-to-clean design, grooming sessions will be a breeze, leaving your dog's coat radiant and healthy.


(MEDIUM) L: 18 cm W: 8.5 cm H: 5 cm red-black

(LARGE) L: 18.5 cm W: 10.5 cm H: 5 cm red-black

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