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Flamingo Cat Litter Bags Dixi Mega (10 bags)

Flamingo Cat Litter Bags Dixi Mega (10 bags)

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Flamingo Cat Litter Bags Dixi Mega (10 bags) offer a convenient solution for maintaining a clean litter box environment. Each pack includes 10 durable bags equipped with drawstring liners for easy disposal.

- **Cleaner Litter Box:** These bags effectively line your cat's litter box, containing waste and preventing litter from sticking to the box, facilitating hassle-free cleanup.

- **Convenient Drawstring Closure:** Featuring a drawstring closure, these bags ensure quick and effortless disposal of soiled litter. Simply pull the drawstring tight to secure the waste for disposal.

- **Durable Construction:** Crafted from high-quality materials, these litter bags are sturdy and dependable, capable of withstanding the weight of cat litter and waste without tearing or leaking.

- **Mega Size:** With 10 bags per pack, you'll have an abundant supply of litter liners for multiple litter changes, ensuring you always have a fresh bag available when needed.

- **Versatile Use:** Not limited to cat litter boxes, these bags are also suitable for disposing of other pet waste, providing versatility for various cleanup needs.

Flamingo Cat Litter Bags Dixi Mega simplify litter box maintenance, offering practicality and reliability for keeping your cat's environment clean and odor-free.


60 x 45 cm

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