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Easy Clean Cat Litter Pine Pellets

Easy Clean Cat Litter Pine Pellets

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Introducing Easy Clean Cat Litter Pine Pellets, the eco-friendly solution for your cat's litter box needs. Here's why it's the purrfect choice:

- **100% Natural:** Pestell Pine Cat Litter is crafted from 100% natural recycled products, specifically pine shavings. This ensures that your cat's litter is free from artificial additives or harmful chemicals, providing a safe and healthy environment for your feline friend.

- **Enhanced Purity and Absorbency:** The pine shavings used in this litter are meticulously cleaned and kiln dried to enhance purity and absorbency. This means superior odor control and moisture absorption, keeping your cat's litter box fresh and dry for longer periods.

- **Convenient Pellet Form:** The cleaned and dried pine shavings are compressed into pellets, offering ease of use and convenience for cat owners. The pellet form minimizes dust and tracking, making cleanup a breeze.

- **Biodegradable and Flushable:** Say goodbye to landfill waste! These pine pellets are 100% biodegradable, meaning they break down naturally over time, reducing environmental impact. Plus, they're flushable, providing a hassle-free disposal option that's gentle on the planet.

Choose Easy Clean Cat Litter Pine Pellets for a natural, chemical-free, and environmentally friendly litter solution that keeps both you and your cat happy and healthy.


9.07kg / 20lb bags

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