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Dogness Anti-Shock Leash

Dogness Anti-Shock Leash

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The Dogness Anti-Shock Leash redefines the standard for pet walking accessories, delivering unparalleled control and safety for you and your furry friend. Crafted with precision and innovation, this leash features a triangle handle, drawing inspiration from water ski ropes, ensuring a secure grip and superior control over your pet's movements.

Equipped with reflective strips seamlessly woven into the rope, the Dogness Anti-Shock Leash maximizes your companion's visibility, particularly in low-light settings. Say goodbye to worries during evening strolls as your pet remains easily visible to passing pedestrians and vehicles.

Key Features:
- Durable PVC triangle handle: Provides robust control for pet owners.
- EVA soft padded grip: Ensures comfort for extended walks.
- Double elastic bungee rope leash: Absorbs shock from sudden movements, reducing strain on both pet and owner.
- Reflective stitching: Enhances visibility during nighttime walks, promoting safety.
- Patented plated metal locking carabiner: Offers secure attachment to your pet's collar or harness.

Elevate your walking experience with the Dogness Anti-Shock Leash, where reliability, comfort, and safety converge seamlessly.


Width: 2.5cm
Length: 65cm
For Dogs Up to: 69kg

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