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Catit Flower Fountain Triple Action Filter Pad, 2pcs

Catit Flower Fountain Triple Action Filter Pad, 2pcs

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The Catit Flower Fountain Triple Action Filter Pad, available in a set of 2 filters, offers advanced filtration to keep your cat's drinking water clean and fresh. With its innovative design, it contains 75% less plastic compared to the original filter cartridge, making it an eco-friendly choice.

These filter pads feature a triple action filtration system:
1. **Active Carbon**: Effectively removes odors and impurities from the water, ensuring that your cat's drinking water remains clean and fresh.
2. **Ion Exchange Resin**: Softens tap water, helping to prevent urinary tract disease in cats by reducing the mineral content that can contribute to the formation of crystals.
3. **Mesh Filter**: Filters out hair, sediment, and debris, ensuring that your cat's water is free from contaminants.

Designed for use with Catit Flower Fountains, these filter pads provide comprehensive filtration to ensure that your cat has access to healthy and appealing drinking water at all times.

How to Use

Rinse thoroughly under running water before use.

Replace filter pad every 30 days.

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