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CatIt Senses 2.0 Catnip Spray - 60 ml

CatIt Senses 2.0 Catnip Spray - 60 ml

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Catit Catnip Spray offers a simple and effective way to enhance your cat's playtime experience. This 60 ml bottle contains a concentrated extract of pure Canadian catnip, known for its irresistible aroma that cats love.

With Catit Catnip Spray, you can easily coat your cat's toys, scratching posts, and play areas to stimulate their interest and encourage active play. Simply spray the catnip extract onto the desired surfaces, and watch as your cat is drawn to explore and engage with their environment.

Whether you want to rejuvenate old toys, entice your cat to use a new scratching post, or simply add some excitement to their playtime, Catit Catnip Spray provides a convenient solution. Made from high-quality catnip, it's sure to captivate your cat's senses and provide hours of entertainment.


Concentrated extract of pure Canadian catnip


60 ml

How to Use

Never spray at your cats directly. Use it to spray on toys

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