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Beco Pets Mint Scented Poo Bags 270pcs

Beco Pets Mint Scented Poo Bags 270pcs

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Introducing Beco Pets Mint Scented Poo Bags, your reliable and environmentally friendly solution for pet waste cleanup. With 270 bags per pack, these bags are big, strong, and leak-proof, ensuring a hassle-free experience every time.

Measuring 22.5 x 33cm, these bags are extra long and thick, providing ample protection for your hands during cleanup. The fresh mint scent effectively masks unpleasant odors, keeping your walks more enjoyable.

Made from 100% post-consumer recycled material, each roll of bags comes on a recycled cardboard core, further reducing environmental impact. The cardboard packaging is also recycled and recyclable, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

These bags are compatible with all standard bag dispensers and are also available in an unscented option for those who prefer a fragrance-free option. Choose Beco Pets Mint Scented Poo Bags for a convenient, eco-friendly, and odor-neutralizing solution to pet waste cleanup.


PE Plastic (100% post-consumer recycled)
Recycled Post Consumer Cardboard


Bags: 22.5 x 33cm
Box: 10 x 12 x 12.5cm

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