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Beco Pets Catnip Freddie the Fish

Beco Pets Catnip Freddie the Fish

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Freddie the Fish from Beco Pets, is the ultimate toy for playful kitties! Crafted from soft and durable material made from recycled plastic bottles, Freddie not only provides hours of entertainment for your cat but also supports a healthier environment.

Stuffed with 10g of premium catnip, Freddie is guaranteed to excite your feline friend's senses and spark their natural hunting instincts. Whether your cat enjoys chasing, batting, or cuddling with their toys, Freddie offers endless amusement and joy.

Treat your cat to the irresistible fun of Freddie the Fish from Beco Pets. It's the eco-friendly and entertaining toy that your furry friend will adore!


9.5 x 2.5 x 5.5cm

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