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Beaphar Puppy Pads Pack of 7

Beaphar Puppy Pads Pack of 7

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Beaphar Puppy Pads offer a hassle-free solution for house-training and maintaining clean floors. These super absorbent pads feature a waterproof backing to prevent leaks and spills.

Designed to aid in house-training, the pads encourage puppies to relieve themselves in a designated area. With a generous size of 60cm x 60cm, there's plenty of space for comfortable use.

These pads aren't just for training—they're versatile. Use them under feeding and water bowls to catch spills or under litter trays for easy cleanup.

Key features:
- Highly absorbent
- Ideal for house-training
- Keeps floors clean and dry
- Each pack contains 7 pads
- 60cm x 60cm size


60 x 60 cm

How to Use

1. Place a Beaphar Puppy Pad near the sleeping area first thing in the morning or in an area which is easily accessible to your puppy and show them where it is.
2. Let the puppy remain on the pad until it has been used. If they toilet elsewhere then either move them during toileting or show them the location immediately afterwards.
3. Remove any fouling regularly and replace the pad when it has been used several times, or as you see fit.
4. Do not scold your puppy if they do not take to the pad immediately. Calmly show them where the pad is and praise them when they use it.
5. After a few visits they will remember and not need to be shown.
6. Repeat these steps each day gradually moving the Beaphar Puppy Pad closer to the door.
7. Continue the training procedure until the Beaphar Puppy Pad is outside.

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