Keeping Your Cat Cool: Beating the UAE Summer Heat

The UAE summer can be brutal, and our feline friends feel it just as much as we do. Unlike us, cats can't sweat, making it difficult for them to regulate their body temperature. Don't worry, pawsome cat parents! There are plenty of ways to keep your whiskered companion comfy and cool during the scorching months.

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Fresh, clean water is vital for cats year-round, but especially during summer. Make sure your kitty has multiple water bowls scattered around the house, preferably made from ceramic or metal as they stay cooler than plastic. Consider using a water fountain – the sound of trickling water can entice your cat to drink more.


Create a refreshing haven for your feline friend. Black-out curtains or blinds can block the harsh afternoon sun. Fill a shallow pan or dish with cool (not icy) water and let your cat take a dip (some cats love it, some don't!). Damp towels or cooling mats placed strategically around the house can offer a delightful cool-down spot.


Who doesn't love a summer treat? Freeze some cat-safe broth or tuna in an ice cube tray for a refreshing lick. There are even commercially available frozen cat treats!


Adjust your cat's playtime to the cooler hours of the day, early mornings and evenings. This will help them expend energy without overheating.


If your cat enjoys supervised outdoor time, ensure they have access to plenty of shade. This could be a strategically placed cat tree, an awning, or even a cardboard box.


Regular brushing helps remove excess fur, which can act as insulation and trap heat.


During the peak of summer, some kind-hearted residents like to place water bowls or create shaded areas outside their homes for stray cats. This is a wonderful act of compassion, but it's important to be a responsible neighbor. Always check with your building management or the municipality for any regulations regarding placing items on communal property.

By following these tips, you can ensure your feline friend stays cool and comfy throughout the UAE summer. Remember, a happy cat makes a happy cat parent – so beat the heat and keep those purrs going!