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Savic Ergo Feeder for Dogs

Savic Ergo Feeder for Dogs

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The Ergo Feeder is a raised dog feeder and drinker which includes 2 removable stainless steel bowls. The Ergo Feeder is recommended for mature, large and arthritic dogs who struggle with ground level feeding. Thanks to the Ergo Feeder the dog will maintain a correct posture during feeding and drinking and put less strain on his back and neck. Moreover the dog will take less air in and is standing in a correct eating position. This lead to an improved digestion. The risk of a bloat is through this reduced. The Ergo Feeder is easy to clean.


49cm x 28cm x 18.5cm - 2 x 850ml
61cm x 35cm x 28cm - 2 x 1500ml

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