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Petmate Litter Scoop with Microban - Bleach Linen, Large

Petmate Litter Scoop with Microban - Bleach Linen, Large

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The Petmate Litter Scoop with Microban in Bleach Linen, Large, revolutionizes litter box maintenance with its exceptional features:

Crafted for Efficiency: With an extra-wide mouth and large slits, this scoop simplifies sifting, allowing you to remove more waste in one go. The spacious design ensures quick and efficient cleaning, making the chore a breeze.

Eco-Friendly Design: Made from recycled plastic, this litter scooper is environmentally conscious. Additionally, it incorporates Microban Anti-Microbial protection, inhibiting the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria for a cleaner litter box environment.

Comprehensive Pet Clean-Up: From waste bags to litter boxes, Petmate offers a wide range of waste management products to swiftly clean up after your pet at home or on walks. Say goodbye to mess and odor, and enjoy a cleaner environment for you and your pet.
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