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Midwest Feline Nuvo Nova for Cat

Midwest Feline Nuvo Nova for Cat

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The Midwest Feline Nuvo Nova is a stylish and versatile cat furniture designed to accommodate the needs of multiple cats. Here are its key features:

1. **Contemporary High-Rise Design**: The Nova features a modern high-rise design with multiple tiers, providing ample space for cats to climb, perch, and play.

2. **Cushioned Platform**: The top tier of the Nova is equipped with a cushioned platform, offering a comfortable spot for cats to lounge and observe their surroundings.

3. **Lower Level Cubby Retreat**: The Nova includes a lower level cubby retreat with a faux fur pillow, providing a cozy hiding spot for cats to retreat and relax in privacy.

4. **Two Elevated Hideaways**: This cat furniture features two elevated hideaways with pass-through cutouts inside, allowing cats to access different levels easily and engage in interactive play.

5. **Flared Legs for Stability**: The Nova is equipped with flared legs, providing stability and support to the structure while adding a touch of style to the design.

Overall, the Midwest Feline Nuvo Nova offers a contemporary and multi-functional space for cats to enjoy climbing, lounging, hiding, and playing, making it an ideal choice for households with multiple feline companions.


16.53″ W x 29.52″ H x 16.53″ L

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