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Midwest Feline Nuvo Grand, Forte Scratching Post

Midwest Feline Nuvo Grand, Forte Scratching Post

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The Midwest Feline Nuvo Grand Forte Scratching Post is designed to meet the scratching and grooming needs of cats while complementing their lifestyle. Here are its key features:

1. **Sturdy Construction**: This cat scratching post is built to last, featuring extra strong and thick materials to withstand even the most vigorous scratching sessions.

2. **Ultra-Soft Faux Fur**: The scratching post is covered in attractive and ultra-soft brown faux fur, providing a plush and comfortable surface for cats to scratch and groom. The faux fur material is easy to clean and maintains its appearance over time.

3. **Generous Size**: With dimensions measuring 19 inches in length, 19 inches in width, and 41 inches in height, this scratching post offers ample space for cats of all sizes to stretch and scratch comfortably.

4. **Durable Sisal-Wrapped Post**: The post is wrapped in natural sisal, a durable and tough material that provides cats with a satisfying scratching surface. The sisal-wrapped supports ensure resilience and longevity, making it suitable for large cats as well.

5. **Sturdy Base**: The scratching post is equipped with a sturdy base, providing stability and preventing tipping during use.

Overall, the Midwest Feline Nuvo Grand Forte Scratching Post offers a durable and attractive solution for cats to satisfy their natural scratching instincts while promoting healthy grooming habits.


The base measures 18.875 in x 18.875 in, and the post is 40.775 in tall with a 5.5 in diameter.

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