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Kaytee Timothy Hay Plus Carrots 24oz

Kaytee Timothy Hay Plus Carrots 24oz

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Kaytee Timothy Hay Plus Carrots offers a nutritious and flavorful option to support the health and well-being of small animals. Hand-selected to ensure the proper ratio of leaf to stem, this high-quality hay provides essential fiber to promote digestive health.

With the addition of carrots, this hay blend provides added nutritional variety, making it an enticing option for your furry friend. Carrots offer vitamins and minerals that complement the natural diet of small animals, enhancing their overall nutritional intake.

Kaytee Timothy Hay Plus Carrots is specially formulated with a lower protein and calcium content compared to alfalfa hay, making it suitable for animals over 7 months of age. This helps support urinary health and prevents issues related to excessive protein and calcium intake.

Whether served as a standalone snack or paired with Kaytee fortified food, this hay blend is designed to complement your pet's diet and provide them with the essential nutrients they need to thrive. Give your small animal the best with Kaytee Timothy Hay Plus Carrots.


Sun-cured Timothy Hay, Dehydrated Carrots

Nutritional Info

- Crude Protein (min.) 6.0%
- Crude Fat (min.) 1.0%
- Crude Fiber (max.) 32.0%
- Moisture (max.) 12.0%
- Calcium (min.) 0.15%

Feeding Instructions

Feed unlimited amount of Hay to your pets.

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