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Dry Mate Washable Potty Pads Heavy Duty Charcoal

Dry Mate Washable Potty Pads Heavy Duty Charcoal

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The Dry Mate Washable Potty Pads in Heavy Duty Charcoal provide a reliable solution for pet owners dealing with accident-prone dogs. Here's an overview of the product:

- **Waterproof Backing:** Protects floors by preventing liquids from seeping through.
- **Variety of Colors and Designs:** Available in a range of colors and designs to suit your preferences and home decor.
- **Personalization:** Some designs offer the option for personalization, allowing you to add a custom touch to your pet's accessories.
- **Slip-Resistant Backing:** Ensures the mat stays securely in place, providing stability and safety for your pet.
- **Absorbent Material:** Quickly absorbs messes, helping to contain spills and accidents effectively.

The Drymate Dog Litter Mat is designed to address the needs of accident-prone dogs. Its absorbent material rapidly soaks up messes, while the waterproof backing prevents liquids from penetrating through to your floor. This mat offers both functionality and convenience, making it an essential accessory for pet owners striving to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for their pets.


Item Dimension
Large: 28" X 29.5"
XXL: 29.5" X 48"

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