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Beeztees Transport Box Rhino for Cats

Beeztees Transport Box Rhino for Cats

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The Beeztees Transport Box Rhino for Cats, is a stylish and secure travel solution for your feline friend!

With dimensions of 51x34x33 cm, this travel basket is perfectly sized for cats, ensuring they travel comfortably and securely. Available in a range of colors including Grey/Pink, Grey/Green, and Grey/Blue, the Rhino Transport Box combines style with functionality.

Designed specifically for cats, the Rhino Transport Box provides a cozy and secure space for your feline companion during trips to the vet or travels with you on the go. With its sturdy construction and reliable design, you can trust that your cat will be safely transported wherever you need to go.

Give your cat the comfort and security they deserve during travel with the Beeztees Transport Box Rhino. It's the perfect travel companion for your beloved feline friend!


51cm x 34cm x 33cm

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